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The Lifetime Access Pass includes:

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The bonuses include:

  • $30 off Rosemarie Groner's popular Hot Mess to Home Success Course
  • $10 off DeDe Bailey's Furniture Transformations Course
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  • Jennifer Maker's 30-Day Craft Room Organization eBook ($50 value)
  • 30-minute laser coaching session with Mindset Mastery Coach, Mindi Huebner ($250 value)
  • Morgan McBride's Whole Home Paint Formula eBook ($26 value)
Morgan McBride's Whole Home Paint Formula eBook + additional lessons and the Whole Home Color Bank with 9 color schemes 2023 BHBL bonus
  • Melissa Riker's Ultimate Home Binder ($15 value)
  • Tasha Agruso's Art Arrangements Made Simple eBook ($15 value)
Tasha Agruso's Art Arrangements Made Simple eBook ($15 value) BHBL bonus
  • Carrie Higgins' Clear the Clutter Printable Card Deck ($27 value)
Carrie Higgins' Clear the Clutter Printable Card Deck ($27 value) BHBL bonus
  • Amy Weir's 3 Black + White Plant digital art prints ($12 value)
Amy Weir's 3 beautiful Black + White Plant digital art prints ($12 value) BHBL bonus
  • Tasha Agruso's Simple Guide to Whole Home Paint Schemes eBook ($15 value)

The Lifetime Access Pass is worth over $1,200, but you can get it right now for only $99.

Where will you be in 6 months? 

Can you picture your life 6 months from now? Will you still feel frustrated with the lack of organization and clutter in your home? Will you still be saying, "I really want to paint our bedroom"? 

The fact is, most people daydream about being more organized and decorating their home, but they don't take action. Because it's hard to find the time and good information.  

But you signed up for the Beautiful Home, Beautiful Life summit. That means YOU are ready to make changes. You’re ready to invest in your home and your happiness.  

Imagine a year from now after you’ve had a chance to learn from all 26 of our experts and after you’ve put their advice into action

You'll be in love with your home. You'll go to sleep every night and wake up every morning truly loving your home. And THAT will impact your happiness more than you can imagine.

You'll unlock lifetime access to all of these expert sessions!

Decluttering & Organizing

  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing Storage Spaces with Abby Lawson (29 minutes)
  • Setting Boundaries: 5 Tips to Maintain Your Organized Life with Ashley Hines (28 minutes)
  • How to Declutter Without Making a Bigger Mess with Dana K. White (50 minutes)
  • 5 Ideas to Maximize and Organize Small Spaces with Katrina Blair (14 minutes)
  • How to Give Yourself Permission To Let Go And Find Freedom From Clutter with Katy Wells (29 minutes)
  • Declutter Your Drawers: How to Clean and Organize Your Small Stuff with Jennifer Maker (22 minutes)
  • Decluttering vs. Organizing: Why Decluttering Must Come First with Kenika Williams (22 minutes)
  • Difficult Decluttering Decisions and How to Make Them EASIER with Melissa James (25 minutes)
  • Staying Organized When Your Partner Is Not with Michaele Tocco (16 minutes)

Cleaning, Planning & Mindset

  • 5 Tidy Home Secrets: Keep Your Home Clean Home in Under 30 Minutes a Day with Carrie Higgins (30 minutes)
  • Overcoming Overwhelm in Your Home with Jennifer Roskamp (30 minutes)
  • Tips for Affordable Home Projects: Tackle Your Next DIY Project For Less with Kara Fidd (25 minutes)
  • How to Declutter Your Brain with Megan Sumrell (22 minutes)
  • The Secret to Making a Clean Home (Almost) Effortless with Melissa Riker (13 minutes)
  • How to Re-Wire Your Brain So You Can Create a Home You Deserve with Mindi Huebner (38 minutes)
  • How To Find The Time And Money To Makeover Your Home with Rosemarie Groner (45 minutes)
  • How to Make Design Mood Boards (and Why You NEED To) with Tasha Agruso (30 minutes)
  • Must-Have Tools For Home Maintenance with Timisha Porcher (13 minutes)

Decorating & DIY

  • Effortless Interior Design: How to Create a Cohesive Home Without Even Trying with Tasha Agruso (34 minutes)
  • Incorporating Plants into your Home Design (and Keeping The Alive) with Amy Weir (18 minutes)
  • 5 Woodworking Secrets to Level Up Your Home Projects with Anika Gandhi (22 minutes)
  • Hotel at Home - Transform Your Home Into the Ultimate Escape Using Hotel Design Principles with Chioma Ikoku (29 minutes)
  • Create a Beautiful Home for Less With Painted Furniture with DeDe Bailey (16 minutes)
  • How to Pick the Perfect Paint Color the First Time with Morgan McBride (23 minutes)
  • Secrets of a Furniture Flipper with Rachel Sherman (35 minutes)
  • Using Paint Inlays to Add Vintage Charm to Your Interior with Iron Orchid Designs (25 minutes)
  • How to Decorate Your Home When You Love Decor But Not the Clutter with Sonya Barker (14 minutes)
  • 10 Surprising Ways to Transform Your Home With Paint with Tasha Agruso (25 minutes)

All 26 expert speakers for Beautiful Home, Beautiful Life are committed to helping you:

  • Streamline your home
  • Declutter
  • Create systems and stick to them
  • Bring beauty and order to your home so it is truly a place of peace and rest for you
  • Tackle simple DIY home projects

Life happens! That’s one reason why you’re here. Let us help you by offering unlimited access to these life-changing sessions.  

It’s time to invest in yourself and your family and your home by buying the Lifetime Access Pass.  

Take your time soaking in this information.  

Implement it a step at a time so it’s sustainable.  

The knowledge from these organizing and decorating experts is invaluable.

Rosemarie Groner, The Busy Budgeter

Anika Gandhi, Anika's DIY Life

Jennifer Maker,

Michaele Tocco, Michaele's Precise Planning

Carrie Higgins, Making Lemonade

Timisha Porcher, Toolbox Divas

Dana K. White, A Slob Comes Clean

Abby Lawson, Abby Organizes

Chioma Ikoku,

Casa Diem Life

Katy Wells,

Amy Weir, Delineate Your Dwelling

Melissa James, Our Happy Hive

Kara Fidd, Project DIY Our Home

Mindi Huebner,

Ashley Hines, Thee Tailored Life

Melissa Riker, The Happier Homemaker

Morgan McBride, Paint Color Project

Katrina Blair,

Megan Sumrell, The Pink Bee

Rachel Sherman, Brick and Boho

Sonya Barker, At Home With the Barkers

Kenika Williams, Tidied By K

Tasha Agruso, Kaleidoscope Living

Jennifer Roskamp, The Intentional Mom

Change your home. Change your life.

Having a home that you love is possible, and it will actually reduce your stress and make you feel less overwhelmed.

When your home is clean, organized, and designed in a way that you love, you can rest, relax and recharge.  


Meet Your Host

Hi, I'm Tasha! As a busy wife, mom of young twins, and a business owner, I NEED for my home to be my happy place. It should be the one place my family and I would rather be than anywhere else. It needs to beautiful and functional. 

That means I have had to DECLUTTER, ORGANIZE and DECORATE it with intention.

I have seen what a positive impact LOVING my home has made on every aspect of my life. I know that starting and ending your busy days in a home that makes you happy is life-changing. If you don't love your home, you aren't living your best life.

My DIY and home decor projects from my blog, Kaleidoscope Living, have been featured on websites like Elle Decor, HGTV Magazine, Real Simple, Better Homes and Gardens, Good Housekeeping and Apartment Therapy. I’ve even appeared on the Rachael Ray show to talk about my $71 laundry room makeover!

Now I'm on a MISSION to help everyone create a home they love, no matter their budget and no matter how busy they are.

You can do this and you deserve it! You just need solid tools and advice. That's why I created the Beautiful Home, Beautiful Life summit!